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Welcome to Diversity Hair!

Human Hair Extensions

When we say human hair, we mean that literally. It is real hair that has been hygienically processed and brought to market. The Processing methods vary across the types available, which we have explained below.

The hair is collected mostly from overseas. In some countries it is part of their religion to offer their hair as a gift in the temples. In other countries girls might grow their hair long to sell to independent buyers. All reputable hair companies and brands will source their hair ethically with the sellers permission. This way you can be assured that the hair you have is good quality, ethically sourced and nothing to be worried about.

Of course, some people don’t like the idea of wearing someone else’s hair, no matter how hygienically processed it is. For these people there are many synthetic options. Please see our guide on ‘Synthetic Loose’ Hair for more information.

We have selected some of the best brands for human hair extensions, available to purchase from our shop. We have selected a variety of grades, lengths and colours to suit any project, including for loose permanent extensions, weaves, clip ins and even for dreading. This guide and the handy filters within the shop will help you to make the right choice of hair.

Confused about the different types of Human Hair Extensions available?

We're not suprised! There is so much jargon going around and so many different companies with so many different grades, we thought we'd make things simple for you and explain what the deal is.

Human hair comes in 4 main types. Remy, Virgin Remy, non-Remy and Mixed Non-Remy. Here is what each of these means:


Remy hair is hair that has been collected from a willing donor. These donors are usually in India (where the hair is given as a part of their religion at the temples), China and Russia. All top brands will ethically source this hair from these places. The hair is then all aligned so that the cuticle lies in the same direction. This allows the hair to retain its soft natural texture, and can then be washed, styled and dyed as you would your own hair. The only processes it has gone through are to hygenically wash the hair ready for use and to sometimes colour or bleach it to provide all the shades usually available.

This is the highest and best quality hair you can buy and means it will last so much longer and not tangle and matt up.

Virgin Remy

Virgin Remy hair, much like Remy, is collected from a willing donor. It is only available in 1 or 2 natural dark shades (as per its origin). It is all aligned so that the cuticle lies in the same direction and only hygenically washed ready for use. The only difference between this hair and Remy is that this hair has not been dyed in any way, so it is 100% natural Remy hair and will usually have a slight wave in it and the colour shades may vary slightly from pack to pack because of this.

Non-Remy/100% Human Hair

Non-Remy hair is Human Hair (normally European, Indian or Chinese hair) that has been processed in an acid bath to strip it of its cuticle. The hair is then given a silicone coating which gives the hair the appearance and texture of being shiney and silky smooth. It will feel alot like Remy hair, but the silicone can wear off with washing after time and the hair will be returned to its original cuticle stripped state. This type of hair is cheaper than Remy in cost However, and is a very good alternative to Remy if you want to try extensions out, dread, braid or weave. Some of this hair is still able to be dyed to an extent. We stock the some of the best and most popular non-remy hair on the market.

Mixed Non-Remy

This is the lowest priced type of human hair available. It is a mix of Non-Remy Human Hair and high quality Synthetic Hair blended together. This means it cannot be styled as you normally would, but heat from a low set hairdryer would be fine . It will be more prone to tangeling and matting over time. Since this is mix with Synthetic Hair it also cannot be dyed effectively. The plus point to this hair is that it is a very cost effective, inexpensive way to wear hair extensions.

Human Hair Grades Explained

The grading system is used as an extra way to determining the quality of human hair at a glance. The higher the Grade, the higher the quality of the hair. Grades genrally go from A to AAAAA.

Grade A: This is the Mixed Non Remy Hair as described above.

Grade AA: This is 100% Human Hair that has been subjected to some basic processing, some cuticle stripping and silicone coating. Lasting around 2-3 months in the hair as extensions with good care.

Grade AAA: Remy Human Hair that has gone through better processing. Some of cuticles may have been stripped, but the hair has been intensively conditioned to stay healthy for longer. Lasting around 3-4 months in the hair as extensions with good care.

Grade AAAA: Remy Human Hair that goes through some of the highest processes to keep the cuticles aligned and the hair conditioned to keep it strong, soft and tangle free. Lasting around 4-6 months in the hair as extensions with good care.

Grade AAAAA: Remy Human Hair of the highest possible quality. Mostly virgin hair, that has undergone only the most gentle of colour processes. Often double drawn so it does not taper. Lasting a year or more with good care.

Grade AAAAA Virgin Hair: This is the Virgin Remy as described above. Never undergone a chemical process, and can last for years with good care.